Navi Mumbai, The Smart City

A truly cosmopolitan city with a breath of fresh air, sector-wise planned extensions, broad, well paved, tree-lined roads with dozens of flyovers and interchanges, modern infrastructure, huge open spaces and recreation areas. With four modes of transport wide roads, excellent rail network and the upcoming air and water transport infrastructure, distance here can be calculated in minutes, not in hours unlike other Indian metros.

The city is characterised by wide roads, world class railway stations, an IT hub, numerous malls, a massive exhibition centre, top notch hospitals, educational institutions, unrestricted power and water supply.

Situated in the Eastern trans Harbour of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai has seen a tremendous growth since three decades. Some enticing facts of Navi Mumbai:

  It is India's Largest planned city
 JNPT port of Navi Mumbai have the highest cargo traffic in India.
 APMC is India's Largest Wholesale Market.
 Floodwater management system is based on Natural systems like Tidal gates & holding ponds (No pumps).
 Railway station in Navi Mumbai are the first to involve Commercial buildings in its Concourse.
 Navi Mumbai is India's first city to experiment One-time development.
 NMMC Headquarter is India's first Green administrative building.
 Disneyland only short-listed venue in India is in Navi Mumbai.
 South Navi Mumbai currently under construction, will be twice the size of current City.